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By government decree number 132 dated August, 17th 1962 irrigation and land reclamation organizations were established. On October 17th 1962, in Sliven, SMU VODSTROI was formed with chief engineer Zhelyo Zhelev.

vodstroi-historyIn 1963 the newly-formed company expanded and embattled. On March, 7th 1963 the first sod was turned on the chief highway canal M-1.

In 1964 the focus fell on the construction works on M-1, but meanwhile began the construction of duker Dzhinovo and test-pits in the region of Samuilovo-Mechkarevo-Rechitsa.

In 1965 draining fields “Korten-Karanovo”, “Nova Zagora-Mladovo”, pump stations “Padarevo” and “Radnevo”, irrigation system “Nova Zagora” were constructed.

In 1966 a factory for steel pipes started work in Mechkarevo.

In 1968 the following was completed: dam Binoks, 25km from M-1, duker Dzhinovo and the first sprinkling field “Samuilovo-Gergevets-Rechitsa”.

At the beginning of 1969 Vodstroy moved to its new building and during the following year the reconstruction base started work. After approximately 10 years of construction, on April, 27th water power system Zhrebchevo was officially opened.

At the end of 1969 VODSTROI and Hidrostroy merged into one construction organization named Vodno stroitelstvo. In 1972 they separated again and as from January, 1st 1973 VODSTROI started functioning again as a department of DSO Vodno Stopanstvo.

From 1973 till 1976 VODSTROI was in a process of constructing the highway canal M-3, which was used for irrigation of 138 000 daa of luxuriant land.

In 1976 the bases of VODSTROI and the state-owned irrigation networks changed into 26 construction organizations named Vodno Stopanstvo.

In 1977 started the construction of highway canal M-2; at the same time pump station Gorno Alexandrovo started functioning.

In 1982 the first drip irrigation system Strupets started functioning.

On July, 8th 1984 the hydro technical equipment NS Sredna Tundzha started working.

In 1985 started the construction of duker Nova Zagora, which was the biggest in the country.

Joint Stock Company VODSTROI 98 was established in 1998 in the town of Sliven as a successor of the State-owned Enterprise Hydro-Technical Engineering.

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