Политика и цел

Ensuring compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements in the European Union to the quality of products and services, occupational health and safety and environmental protection;

Studying and meeting the market requirements and application of the international principles, standards and practices at work;

Maximum commitment of the company’s employees, optimization of its processes and activities towards achievement of high quality level, safe operation and environment protection, by observing the requirements of all stakeholders;

Efficient use of material, human and financial resources and capitals according to the needs of the customers, the company and of all stakeholders;

Making strategic and operational decisions based on facts and striking the balance between “desirable and possible” in the context of the quality assurance, occupational health and safety and environment protection;

Continuous improvement of the products and services offered, through gaining and applying practical experience and skills by the team of VODSTROI 98 AD;

Motivation and involvement of the staff in the duties performed towards achievement of good results through explanations and awareness of the responsibilities and commitments undertaken by the Company;

Carrying out the activities without incidents, accidents or occupational diseases in an environmentally-friendly manner;

Since 25.11.2009 to VODSTROI 98 AD was assigned NCAGE – provider source of the NATO Codification System – 00PLU.

Since 2012 VODSTROI 98 AD holds a certificate for dealing with classified information as required by CIPA.

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