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The joint stock company VODSTROI 98 has been established in 1998 in the city of Sliven as a follower of the state company Vodno stroitelstvo with more than 50 years of history. Today, VODSTROI 98 is progressively expanding, renovating its activities, opening new vacancies and helping the development of economy in the regions where it operates.

The company completes its projects in accordance with the European Standards for quality and environment.

The activities of the company include:

Civil engineering constructions, hydro technical constructions and environment

  • Water and Sewage infrastructure
  • civil infrastructure
  • environment safety
  • reconstruction, repair and maintenance of monuments of culture
  • energy infrastructure
  • transport infrastructure

Design, construction and engineering of industrial and civil sites

  • civil engineering
  • sports and entertainment complexes
  • civil buildings

Together with construction activities VODSTROI 98 develops manufacturing activities as well.

  • manufacture of construction materials:
  • inert materials and concrete mixtures
  • supplementary materials

The stable positions of VODSTROI 98 on the market are due to: optimal market price, loyalty, quality and experienced personnel.


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VODSTROI 98 offers innovative solutions to your needs.

Sometimes it takes more than a conventional approach to solve a client's construction problems. It takes a certain degree of imagination and inventiveness. We pride ourselves on our creative approach to construction management. In fact, at VODSTROI 98 we believe that innovation and resourcefulness are among the keys to our success.

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